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The Recruitment Process

How we recruit

Our hiring approach for PREP consists of an in-depth recruitment process geared specifically for candidates interested in our 1 year rotational program. We are looking for top qualified candidates that have a strong interest in commercial real estate at the beginning journey of their career. The majority of our recruitment events include On-Campus Career Fairs, On-Campus Interviews and Super day events. All events are held throughout the fall recruitment season. We are working hard to meet with as many ambitious candidates who are eager to learn and experience all the Commercial Real Estate divisions that Cushman and Wakefield has to offer.

Application Process

Online application form

First round interviews

Impress online, and you'll be invited to meet our people for a first round interview. Local students will be invited to interview at the Manhattan office but everyone has the option to interview via phone or Skype.

On Campus Recruitment

Cushman & Wakefield will be attending Campus Career Fairs and holding On-Campus Interviews at top ranked universities throughout the United States

Hints & Tips

Your future is a big deal to us, and your application is too. Here are some hints and tips about how to make the best impression you can.

Try to meet us first

We run a number of campus visits throughout the year. If we're coming to yours, do come along and say hello. You'll get to meet our people and ask burning questions. It's a great way to introduce yourself and work out if we're right for you.

Remember what we're looking for

We look for people who care about Real Estate. So show us you have the skills and qualities needed to succeed in this exciting industry. These are more important to us than your choice of degree. Read the 'What we look for' section of this site to find out more.

Prepare and Research

Treat your application like an exam. Do some reading, brush up on your skills, and aim to perform your best. The more you know about our industry and us, the better your answers in interviews will be. We recommend reading our website and other Real Estate publications. A quality newspaper is worth reading too, because knowledge of current affairs is important in our global business.

Shine Online

Your online application form is your foot in the door, so make a good first impression. Be accurate, honest and concise. Check your spelling and grammar. Read and follow the instructions carefully. And take every opportunity to show your enthusiasm and passion.

Your first interview

This is your first chance to impress us face-to-face, but don't let that worry you. You'll do better if you relax and just let your personality come through. The key is to prepare. Know what you're going to wear and how you're going to get here. Remind yourself of your work experience and achievements. Read up on our work and our industry too, because we'll want to see that you know your stuff when it comes to Real Estate.

Super Days

Super Days are the last stage of the process. If you've got this far, we obviously like you-so take confidence from this. Prepare for your second interview rounds exactly how you prepared for your first, but with more of a focus on a career in Real Estate. You will meet several division leaders. Prepare yourself to have 3 interviews with leaders of their divisions. After interviews there will be some time to learn more about the company and our program. We'll be looking for team-working skills as well as leadership.

You'll find more details on all of this on our social media channels. And if you have any further questions about the recruitment process, please email

Good luck!

The Recruitment Team