Cushman & Wakefield Of Texas, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary In Dallas, Texas

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Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc. today celebrated the 40th anniversary as a company in Dallas, Texas. The celebration was held in C&W’s office at Rosewood Court with a festive 1974 theme.

During the event, Bob Edge, Vice Chairman with Cushman & Wakefield, who founded the Dallas office in 1974, spoke about the changes in commercial real estate since that time. “Forty years doesn’t seem that long ago, since I walked into our first office in Dallas at the old First National Bank building. We had no computers or smart phones, no research, and there were very few suburban markets,” said Mr. Edge.
As one of the most active tenant representation professionals in the country, Bob has handled many of the largest real estate transactions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including the 1979 headquarters relocation for American Airlines, the 1988 office consolidation for Mobil Oil, and he led the C&W team serving FedEx for more than 15 years. Bob’s career accomplishments and dedication to the real estate industry have garnered him numerous accolades, including the Stemmons Service Award and induction into the Dallas Real Estate Hall of Fame.

In the 40 years, since the founding of the Dallas office, C&W has grown from just a handful of broker to more than 250 employees in 2014. The office has also added service lines throughout the years to offer a complete range of services for all property types.

“The Dallas office was recently named one of DFW’s Best Places to Work, and it shows with the positive culture and fun environment throughout our office, especially on a day like today when all our professionals participate in the excitement,” said Cathy Kabaj, Operations Director with Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc.

Festivities at the anniversary celebration included a 1974-themed Jeopardy game, a time capsule video blog to be viewed at the next decade’s anniversary party and a “Who’s Who?” guessing game for all the company employees who submitted photos from 1974.