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    Retail and Restaurant Expansion Guide

    This inaugural Cushman & Wakefield report tracks the growth plans of roughly 2,000 national retail and restaurant chains throughout the U.S. and Canada. Read more

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    Occupier Reports

    So You Think You Have A Strategy?

    Cushman & Wakefield's Michael McDermott explains why a commercial real estate strategy is essential for business success. Read more

  • Topical Reports

    Vital Signs

    Vital Signs: Job, Spending Growth: Symptoms of Good Health? 2015 marked a record year for job growth in healthcare: 471,600 jobs were created, an increase of more than 70% over 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports

    US Macro Forecast

    The U.S. Macro Forecast Report provides a high-level overview of Cushman & Wakefield’s forward-looking stance on the U.S. economy, commercial real estate, and the risks/assumptions that underlie the forecast. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports

    U.S. Shopping Center MarketBeat

    The U.S. Shopping Center MarketBeat provides an overview of quarterly shopping center activity, insight into current trends as well as market-level statistics on key leasing metrics. Read more

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    10 Powerful Ideas for Earth Day

    Small changes in daily habits add up to a healthier, more sustainable future.  This interactive infographichighlights 10 simple practices that save energy, water and waste so every day is Earth Day. #cwpowerfulideas Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports

    Q1 2016 U.S. MarketBeat Reports

    U.S. MarketBeats provide an overview of quarterly CRE activity and trends, a snapshot of current economic and capital market conditions as well as market-level statistics on key metrics. Read more

  • Topical Reports

    2016: The Year of the Consumer

    U.S. consumers reaped a huge windfall from the decline in oil prices in 2015—and they spent it. Real (inflation-adjusted) retail sales increased 4.8% in 2015, the fastest pace since 1999. Expect more acceleration in 2016 with oil prices remaining low. Cushman & Wakefield forecasts the average price of oil in 2016 will... Read more

  • Oil and gas

    Occupier Reports

    Global Oil and Gas Cities Update

    With oil prices remaining under pressure real estate costs will continue to be the focus of attention for the foreseeable future and will have a subsequent knock-on effect on the real estate market.
    Read more

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    Real Estate Market Reports

    Dayton Industrial Snapshot


    Industrial MarketBeat is a brief summary of the Industrial sector in key cities, providing comment on recent trends as well as market data and analysis of the impact on commercial real estate. Read more

  • Occupier Reports

    The Occupier Edge

    Cushman & Wakefield’s global magazine, The Occupier Edge, examines the key trends and insights from our global real estate experts. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports

    Washington DC: The Capitol of Retail Trends

    Fueled by a surge of population growth that has been overwhelmingly driven by the millennial demographic, Washington, D.C.’s urban retail scene has evolved over the past decade from that of a few isolated pockets surrounded by urban blight to one of an emerging renaissance where high street meets cool street meets eat street. The District is now a microcosm of all of the major trends that are shaping urban retail in the United States today; an explosion of food and beverage related retail from small format groceries and trendy food halls to upscale and fast casual dining, the expansion of upscale and luxury retailers into new and emerging shopping districts and the rise of edgy, cool retail in new hip districts that have emerged in diverse, up and coming neighborhoods. All this, while still luring Main Street national credit retailers looking to find a place in the new Washington, DC: The Capitol of Retail Trends. Read more

  • Atlas Outlook 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Atlas Outlook 2016

    The Atlas Outlook provides an overview of the global real estate investment market in 2015 and, more particularly, what’s in store for 2016. The report discusses the health and direction of the current market, the main areas of recent investment activity, macro drivers and of course risk. It then summarizes C&W views on the global outlook, regional trends, and areas of opportunity where investment strategy can usefully be focused. 
    Read more

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    Topical Reports

    Employment Tracker

    The latest employment data provided much needed reassurance that the U.S. expansion remains on solid ground. U.S. nonfarm payroll employment surged by 292,000 jobs in December thus making 2015 the strongest year of job creation in 16 years. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports

    Kansas City Annual Market Report

    During the past decade the Kansas City area has grown at a steady but less impressive rate than the nation as a whole. Read more

  • Asia Pacific Office Overview Q4 2015

    Occupier Reports

    Asia Pacific Office Overview - Q4 2015

    Asia Pacific office market snapshot covering key themes, leasing conditions and a list of indicator rankings. Read more

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