Washington DC: The Cityscape Report - Trophy Market Analysis Fall 2016

Cushman & Wakefield’s Trophy inventory is comprised of iconic existing Class A buildings that consistently achieves top-of-market asking rents, and combines a premier location, top-tier amenities, notable design, and ownership’s investment, particularly in the form of building upgrades when necessary, and overall, are seen as iconic buildings within the local market. It is important to note that not all new construction counts as Trophy, however, given that many recent deliveries meet the criteria of premier location, amenities, design, and tenant mix, many new buildings are included in the Trophy inventory. No single criteria defines a Trophy building, rather the combination of these factors. Overall, classification is based on both an objective (ie. asking rents, location, age), and subjective factors (ie. perceived prestige of location, amenities, building upgrades). Each building has been thoroughly reviewed by a committee of market experts before inclusion into the Trophy inventory.