Cap Rate Survey Report

Capitalization Rates by Property Type
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Cap Rate Survey Report

The capital markets sector is in the midst of a downshift as investors & brokers alike consider how the cycle will continue to unfold. On the one hand, economic and employment fundamentals are solid, if not robust, and appear likely to remain so with or without additional stimulus from the increasingly beleaguered Trump administration. On the other, the current expansion is now among the longest recorded and the Fed is hiking rates, albeit, gradually. The political climate only adds to this milieu of uncertainty. It is no surprise, therefore, that investment sales volumes have been restrained – down 15% through May versus the same period in 2016.

There could be no better time to conduct a cap rate survey. We have been conscious, however, that we needed to do it the right way. This meant not only capturing where different classes of assets are currently trading but seeking insight from across our markets into where investors and valuations are heading and why.

As a result, this report looks and feels quite a bit different than those that have preceded it. We hope you enjoy it.

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