Miami Retail Resides at the Crossroads of Global Commerce

Chris Owen

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Miami-Dade is the center of one of the fastest growing regions in the Southeast.Increased east-west commerce with Asia will converge with the growing importance of north-south trade with Latin America and ideally places South Florida, and in particular Miami-Dade, at the heart of the global economy. 

The retail market is constantly evolving around changing logistical challenges and capitalizing on its status as a cultural crossroads. Connectivity and segmentation of trade areas due to higher densities and traffic congestion will continue to provide opportunities for clusters of vertical redevelopment and additional distribution points in the local market for retailers.
Miami-Dade is a true gateway between domestic and international markets. It is where trends are set and not followed. While the exact future may not be known, Miami- Dade’s relevance will continue to place it in the forefront of successful ideas and new developments.


2.8 Million 

International Visitors

7.6 Million 

Total Retails Sales

$55 Billion 

High Rent

$350 PSF NNN