Tech Disruptors and the Supply Chain

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Science fiction? Or Reality? 3D printing, delivery bots and platoons of driverless trucks are transforming how goods are manufactured, shipped and distributed. Tech Disruptors and the Supply Chain, Part 4 of Cushman & Wakefield’s Tech Disruptor Series finds that industrial facilities will increasingly be built for both humans and robots.

Key Takeaways

Adoption of disruptive supply chain technologies could double in the next five years, affecting the speed, accuracy and cost of delivery of products, and a very different customer experience.

Clearer differentiations in asset quality are likely to emerge. For instance, some technologies—such as advanced automation/robotics—require higher ceilings and very flat floors.

Last-mile delivery and services will also be transformed. As technology facilitates same-day delivery, the need for urban warehousing for high-velocity goods will increase.