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Cushman & Wakefield’s Asset Services team provides comprehensive property management services throughout the asset life-cycle to corporate, institutional, and private clients. We protect and increase the value of each investment by minimizing operating costs, improving efficiencies, and enhancing the tenant experience.

Across the United States, Cushman & Wakefield manages all types of real estate, from trophy office buildings to industrial warehouses, retail stores, and medical office buildings. Many of our experts have worked on owner property teams or as external management resources in their respective markets for decades, giving them an understanding of both an owner’s perspective and local dynamics. We leverage our knowledge and relationships, integrated service platform, and internal research resources to create customized solutions that align with our client’s operational priorities and financial goals. Partnering with Cushman & Wakefield ensures the application of the industry’s best practices and ultimately, long-term success at each and every property.


Accurate and Timely Financial Reports. Cushman & Wakefield utilizes a collaborative approach between property managers and property accountants to deliver timely financial reports that enable clients to make sound business decisions.

Mitigate Risk and Liability. By proactively seeking opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs, we ensure tenants enjoy safe, comfortable, and productive working environments.

Innovative Technology Solutions. We develop and use cutting-edge technology to streamline business operations, enhance service delivery, create bottom-line savings, and positively impact the environment.


marla maloney

Marla Maloney

President, Asset Services

St. Louis, MO

Phone +1 314 746-0342

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